Family Photography



Family Session Information & Pricing

It’s time for updated family photos. If your goal is to capture your family looking as genuine as possible and create beautiful art for your walls, you are in good hands. Louise likes to leave the cheese in the fridge and have fun and play games to make sure that your family photoshoot is as enjoyable as possible.

Pardon the generalisation, however, different members of the family generally want different things during their family photoshoot. Dads generally want the session to go as smoothly and quickly as possible (did I mention quickly?). Mums want the children to look natural and genuine, they want the children to behave and they want to look gorgeous and slim! Children, as always, just want to have fun. Louise will create an atmosphere of fun so that you can relax and together we can create beautiful art for your home. Your images will become a family heirloom for you to look back on fondly and you can pass them onto your children and grandchildren to remember the time when your children were small.

Where is the session?

Louise prefers to work outdoors with families, such as parks or beaches. She can even come to your home. The best time of day is the early evening when the light is soft and beautiful.

How much does it cost?

The session fee is $150, which covers the photoshoot, retouching the best 25-30 images and the creation of a gallery of images for you to make your selection. Prints, collections and art are in addition to this. Prints start at $69 and collections with digitals start at $649. You can download the full pricing catalogue HERE.

How do I proceed?

You can contact Louise here or give her a call on 0412 868 335. Once you book your session, Louise will guide you on what to expect, how to prepare and of course, what to wear!